Convoy of Medical Examination

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Medical Reports

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Needs Pension & Residence

Episode 183

Mr. M.F.Z. & his wife H.B.N. – July, 8, 2016


Mr. M.F.Z.: A Miserable Life

Mr. M.F.Z. has been married for twenty-six years. He has five lovely kids: an eldest son, a daughter, and two twin sons. Unfortunately, this sweet family is suffering. Mr. M.F.Z., the father, has a back-cartilage trouble. Hence, he cannot exert much effort in his work. He can only make one shift. In effect, his income is pretty scant: only 1200 EGP monthly. This is not sufficient for him to provide for the family’s basic needs. Neither can he afford his daughter’s university education nor his twin sons’. To make matters worse, the flat where the family lives contains no furniture: they have to sleep on floor. Adding on, the family has been moving from one flat to another due to high new-law rental fees. Worst of all is that the eldest son is suffering from leukemia. He needs medical care, follow-up as well as good nourishment.

Nobody can help Mr. M.F.Z. His family is quite poor. So are his in-laws. Thus, to be able to provide for his family’s needs and live fairly comfortably, Mr. M.F.Z. needs a monthly allowance, furniture, as well as financial support for his sick son.