Convoy of Medical Examination

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Medical Reports

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Whole Body Plastic Surgeries

Episode 175

Mrs. R.R.E. – May, 6, 2016


Miss R.R.A. Deformed but Hopeful

Miss R.R.A got married fifteen years ago. She gave birth to a boy and a girl. The girl, however, is handicapped, and suffers from brain electrical dysrhythmia. Her husband left her due to financial problems. Thus, unable to provide for the kids, she sent them to orphanages. She had already been working as a baby-sitter, but her pay was not sufficient to sustain them. To make matters worse, it came to pass that as she was fixing a butane cylinder, it blew up in her face. Her face as well as several parts of her body were burned and deformed. Only her part of the face and breast were restored after an operation covered by her work. Yet, the rest of her body is still deformed. She went to government hospitals to have the rest of her body patched-up, but the operations failed.  She had devices fixed to certain parts. She had to have them removed after six months. However, she could not, as she cannot afford the operation. Meanwhile, these devices have been there for two years.

In effect, she lost her job, had to leave her rented apartment, and live at her siblings’. Her life is not that comfortable, though. Her poor siblings cannot help her with her medical treatment. Nor can they endure her children when they come to spend a holiday with their mother. She cannot find another job due to her condition. She is sick and depressed.

Miss R.R.A. needs to have several plastic surgeries in the face, neck, and shoulders in order to recover her health, be able to work and bring her kids back to live with her.



Follow-up report 1

Mrs. R.R.E. – June, 30, 2016