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Medical Reports

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Prosthetic Device

Episode 176

Mr. R.H.A. – May, 13, 2016


“For God loves a cheerful giver”

Today’s case is a 48-year old and he has been married for 18 years. He was living in a room then he rented an apartment after getting a job. He has worked at Egypt Air, after four years, he became diabetic. He suffered from comas then diabetic foot, suffered from ulcers and developed gangrene. He underwent many surgeries due to his suffering of serious wounds and had to do an amputation for the left leg. When he was discharged, the doctors told them he had to use a certain device to walk using it. He went to Al-Agouza center to install the device. The technician didn’t set the device according to the right measurement of the man’s leg. The device must be from Germany and a pronograde. They gave him a fixed device and he was so suffering from it as it doesn’t fit.  They didn’t consider it as a work injury. The salary decreased and all the incentives were the same. He wants to walk again to provide for his family that consists of a diabetic wife and a girl at preparatory school. His current device doesn’t fit and too small for him. The old device costed  40.000 pounds. The employer can’t provide him the money for a new device as they paid for the first one.


The Need:

A prosthetic leg below the knee for the left leg and with four movable hinges.