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Meeting with Al-Arish Families

Episode 214

“Do You Love” servants meet with the displaced families of Al-Arish in Ismailia

March, 3, 2017

Today we meet the families of Al-Arish who escaped from their home town and went to Ismailia in order to avoid terrorism. Back in their home town they suffered from that terrorism and many Christians were killed or had their homes stolen or burned. They went to Ismailia leaving everything behind, their jobs, their education, and their homes. They also went without planning anything. They have no place to stay or jobs to sustain their living.

The Need: The families need shelter and a place to live in, a job to earn their living and their children need education


Episode 213 follow up

Child S.M.S – February, 24, 2017

Samir is a five years old child who has retarded growth. He had cyst near his brain which affected his tongue. He needed the proper tests and examinations and also the operations in order to be treated.

The tests were done after going to a neurotherapist and the treatment of Samir will proceed.


Episode 208 follow up

Mr. Ayman Ramzy – January, 20, 2017

Mr. Ayman Ramzy who suffered from broken vertebras, and could not walk since 2012. He needed an operation in order to fix the vertebras and be able to walk normally. He did the operation successfully, thanks to your help, will start walking gradually.


Episode 211 follow up

Mrs.M.Kh. -February, 10, 2017

Mrs. Martha suffered from rheumatic fever when she was young which caused her heart problems including blood clot in the arteries and blockage of the arteries. The operation needed was done thanks to your help and Mrs. Martha will be able to live normally.


Episode 201 

Sewers- November, 25, 2016

The families of the village at Shebein al-Qanater suffered from the lack of a sewage system. This led to the contamination of water which causes many diseases as hepatitis C and kidney failure. Thanks to your help outhouse sewers were built and the families of the village will be able to drink clean water.




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