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Cornea Transplant + Home Essentials

Episode 189

Mr. E. S. L. – August, 19, 2016

When the two blind men beseeched Jesus to heal them saying to Him “Son of David, have mercy on us”, Jesus touched their eyes saying to them “According to your faith let it be to you” as he knew how important eyesight to man.

Eyesight is everything in life. A blind man won’t be able to live his normal life again. His loss of sight turned him into a weak person who can do nothing. There is a poor and miserable mother who lives with a blind son who was normal till the age of two then he lost his sight gradually by first losing the sight of his right eye and the left eye needs corneal transplantation and a 70-year old retired husband who suffers from hypertension and diabetes. She earns nothing. The family has no income but the monthly pension of the father which is 630 L.E only, the church helps them with a little amount which is 250 L.E. and the woman’s brother gives her 300 L.E. However the monthly rent of the flat is 600 L.E plus the fees of electricity and water. They have no furniture and no fridge or washing machine they even don’t have abed to sleep on and she is also unable to treat her son who suffers from blindness due to endogamy or relative’ marriage. He needs to do a corneal transplantation which is a very expensive surgery. He is unable to move alone or work. They wish he could undergo the surgery to become a normal person again and gain his sight back. If he undergoes the surgery, he will be able to live his normal life again, get a job and help his miserable mother and his retired father. He may also help them to buy furniture of the house or even abed to sleep on instead of the carpet.


The need:

Help the blind son to gain his sight back by undergoing an expensive corneal transplantation surgery.