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Build a House + Provide Requirements

Episode 198

November, 4, 2016


“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.

Atohobony has always been there for all the needy and this is thanks to your donations and encouragement. We are nothing but a tool that helps those cases to be acknowledged.

Atohobony served the families whose children in school and they offered them all their needs of whole new bags and tools and all the necessary requirements of students.

Atohobony’s team also wishes that they extend their services to reach the whole villages and cities of Egypt offering them boxed of household materials.

Atohobony’s team went to visit a deprived family consists of a child, Gerges and his mother. Gerges is mentally impaired and his mother is a widow. They don’t have a house. They rather live in wreckage that can’t be considered a house. It is leaking all the time and there is no sanitation system. Gerges lives in constant pain in his legs and arms as he suffers from atrophied limbs and he only wishes he could move on his own using a wheelchair all he needs is a wheel chair to go to the church and he dearly wishes to visit St. Abanaoub’s monastery. He has no personal wishes or enquiries. Gerges has 4 sisters and one brother. His family lives temporarily at their relatives’ house. He is unable to go to the bathroom or to move on his own. His mother, sister and his uncle’s wife tend to him; he can’t move and go to church unless the church’s servants accompany him.

Atohobony was able to collect donations to help them build the house. The family belongs to al-Qashish village and its church serves the spiritual needs of 500 families. The church also helps those who need health care and they are transformed to doctors acknowledged to the church. The church is provided by medications by the government. Most the Christians in the village are destitute and their house are built in adobe only and the walls are made in wood and they leak all the time due to rain. They lead a very hard life.

  • The needs:
  • Provide a house for Gerges’ family and a wheelchair
  • Financial help to the villagers of al-Qashish as they are in bad need for healthy houses and many other costs.