Convoy of Medical Examination

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”Friends of the Paralytic Service”

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Medical Reports

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مجـالات خدمـة “أتحبنــي”

Realms of the “Do You Love Me?” Ministry

1. Ministry for the ailing, offering them treatment, performing surgeries on the Lord’s brethren, who cannot afford it, after consulting with specialists and consultants

2. Ministry for those approaching matrimony, in preparing their household

3. Assisting in academic expenses, to facilitate completing educational phases in schools and colleges/universities, to develop humans and society in general

4. Distributing basic food necessities, as a “blessing” to the poor, which is now spread in many Coptic dioceses

5. Assisting needy families, with a monthly stipend, to aid them in covering daily costs of living [be they low-income families or the Lord’s brethren]

6. Non-monetary aid for the needy

7. The ministry conducts a filming session, for families that approve, airing it on the show bearing the ministry’s name “Do You Love Me?” with medical, technical and spiritual analyses, aiming to get Egyptians to participate in the ministry with medical, non-monetary aid or monetary aid

8. The ministry offers necessary clothing to the families of the Lord’s brethren during the Holy Feasts of Christmas and Easter