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Finishing the House + Revenue

Episode 143

Mr. M.F.S. – September, 11, 2015


Do you love 143

“God loves a cheerful giver”

He was a shop owner who led a good life. He owned a 250-meter apartment whose rent was valid for 10 year and extensible. The rent was 100 pound and can be increased 100%; however the land lord wanted to increase the rent to 700 pounds. He refused and they had an argument in which the land lord accused him of blasphemy over Prophet Mohamed. He had to leave his flat for security purposes. He moved to a humble apartment. He has 4 children. He recovered temporary hand numbness or half-paralysis that was caused for psychological reasons and virus C. He suffers from inflammation of bones and cartilage damage. He cannot afford working to get another flat. The flat is made of red bricks that may cause asthma. They have lived there for 3 years. He has no furniture. He had led a good life and the children were in private school but are transferred to public ones currently .He had to work a newspaper seller. He cannot provide for his family. They are leading a hard life. He did not pay the rent. His daughter, Noor, is suffering from asthma as the flat is made of red bricks and is open from all sides. His other daughter suffers from heart problem and he is inflicted by the inflammation of bones. His wife suffered greatly under these circumstances and she cannot work.

The Needs:

  • Finishing the flat
  • New furniture
  • Financial aid to set up a project to afford daily living costs