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Vertebral Fixation

Episode 208

Mr. Ayman Ramzy – January, 20, 2017

Ayman is a passionate young man who has a wonderful blessed family, yet he became a victim of ignorance, medical negligence & need. He came back from Libya to work in Egypt in 2008. He became a supervisor for builders in Egypt & he was a fast learner and learnt the building process. In 2012 he was working in one of the building sites & fall from a hall made for elevators & the steel hit him in the back. Although he was hugely injured, yet the steel hindered his fall to reduce the damages.  He went through a conservative physical treatment for 9 months but unfortunately, his pains lasted. Another doctor advised him with an injection process; yet the process did not achieve its goals and caused him a huge dryness in his cartilages. Ayman did not lose hope, he discovered broken vertebral & had a surgery in 2014 that supposedly will get him better after 3 months, yet after 2 years, he still can’t move. Ayman is still persistent & he prayed to God as he knew about a new thermal radiofrequency treatment to stop the nerves that make him feel the massive pains. By the end of his fasting, he was given the needed help for the surgery. The surgery passed too without any remarkable changes, but the journey of hope is still on; Ayman visited another governmental doctor under the umbrella of the governmental help; he diagnosed him as having a break in the vertebral & he had a surgery done but there had been a mistake and it did not fulfill its needs.

Ayman still needs help to get better and still needs to fix all what the negligence & ignorance has caused him as he needs to live normally with his family; he needs to pay for his basic living & for the treatment.

The Needs:
1- A surgery ( in 2016 it costed 40,000 LE).
2- Help his family financially till he be better and be able to move & work again.