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Medical Reports

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Vertebral Fixation Surgery

Episode 209

Mr. Sameh Morris – Januray, 27, 2017

Sameh is a young man who is a victim of two an accident & the medical negligence. He is a driver who worked hard on a Church bus; had an accident which due to the inability to pay for years, he postponed the treatments and lied on pain killers for years to move so he can work.  After 10 years, the pains began to hinder him from working & he had to visit a doctor.  He had a surgery for fixation in the vertebral column, paid by a governmental hospital & was under medication for 5 more months afterwards. The pains did not diminish & doctor told him that there is no other medication will fit for him; he has to accommodate to living in pain. Sameh can’t work since a year and a half now, the wife works & the church help him yet there must be an end to the pains that hinder him from moving now. The priest of his church asked him to visit more reputable doctor & the surprise was that the surgery he had was a wrong one. The nails he had put before are rasping his vertebral & increasing pains & one of the vertebral which was supposed to have nails in it still has a crack.

The solution to all Sameh’s misery is to go through another surgery to remove the wrong nails and catch up with the rest of the vertebral before destroying his spine.

The Needs:
1- A surgery (last year costed 40,000 LE).
2- Help his family financially till he be better and be able to move & work again.