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Open Heart Surgery

Episode 204

December, 16, 2016


Do you love Me 204

Mr. Samir Younan Tadraus shared his story with us. He was an avid smoker. He was unaware of the damages that smoking causes. He has been a smoker for 50 years. He smokes all the kinds of nicotine. He faced severe health problems due that addiction. He entered intensive care after having a severe angina and as a result he was prevented from smoking for 11 days when he suffered greatly due to the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. He stopped smoking gradually till he ceased completely for two months. Yet, he has to face many health problems that smoking cause: a blockage of three arteries and the stents previously placed. It is a critical case and need an open-heart surgery immediately. The stents are no longer beneficial to treat the case. Mr. Osama is retired and his pension does not cover the daily costs of living.

Mr. Osama is a well-educated and cultured person, yet he needs financial help. He has two daughters who are not married yet. One of them is employed. He is unable to practice his daily activities. The pain severely grows once he begins to move. He is in dire need for an immediate open-heart surgery.

He urges all the youth who smokes to think about the hazards of smoking that would damage their health and ruin their life.

We urge you to help Mr. Samir and save his life.

The Need: An open heart surgery to replace three arteries