Convoy of Medical Examination

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”Friends of the Paralytic Service”

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Medical Reports

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Episode 170

Children: F.A. and M.A. – March, 25, 2016

Nineteen years ago, a couple got married. They are relatives The mother gave birth to her eldest daughter who, unfortunately, turned out to be deaf. At that time, the operation was hazardous. In addition, the medical insurance would not cover it. So, the girl had to adapt to her condition. Now, she is a university student. Few years later, the couple had another child who is sound. Afterwards, they had a boy and a girl. Both of them turned out to be deaf like their eldest sister. The parents had a horrible shock. The two kids had about twenty-four communication sessions which proved, however, that each needed a Cochlea transplant operation. This operation costs 120,000 EGP (for each child), as well as a Rondo which modulates sounds and enables the child to hear and communicate.




Follow-up report 1

Children: F.A. and M.A. – June, 7, 2016

The poor parents could not afford this huge sum of money. So, they resorted to “Atohobony” that helped them with the operations and the devices. Meanwhile, the two kids are leading a normal life. The mother is very careful with the devices. She keeps them sound by keeping them dry and intact.