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”Friends of the Paralytic Service”

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Medical Reports

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Episode 168

Mr. S.Z.S. – March, 11, 2016


Mr. S.Z.S. was born to a poor family in Manshiyet Nasser. He married his cousin thirty-six years ago. They have two sons and one daughter, two of whom are married. The family went through many hardships. Yet, God always intervened and solved their problems. Later, conditions improved. The father worked at a textile factory at first, after which he saved some money and bought a microbus to support his family. However, he got tired and sold it. He borrowed money from his relatives and siblings to buy a taxi which, he thought, would help him earn more money. No sooner had 45 days elapsed than some gangsters stopped him, pretending they wanted to go to the Fifth Settlement. In a remote place, they threatened him and stole the taxi. He hurried to the police station and made a statement. Ever since this took place in 2012, the taxi was never returned to him. So, he decided to work as a minibus driver in order to provide for his family, pay the installments of the taxi as well as his debts.

Yet, he fell sick. He underwent a diagnostic cardiac catheter which showed he had a myocardial infarction. So he had a stent fixed. He stayed for four days at the ICU, after which he started taking medications. But his condition worsened. He underwent another catheter which showed that he had two blocked arteries, which is quite hazardous. He cannot exert much effort now. Neither can he work regularly, nor even climb the stairs. His siblings can hardly support him, for his son and daughter have families to provide for. His third son is doing his best in order to help his father, but it is not enough.

In order for Mr. S.Z.S. to get better and be able to work, he needs two drug-eluting stents fixed.