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Medical Reports

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Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Episode 165

Mr. B. A. N. G. – February, 19, 2016


“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works”

Today’s case is about a 65- year old married man. He doesn’t receive any financial help from his children. He was an electrician, yet due to his old age he becomes unable to work. He suffers from left inguinal hernia that caused him a walking disability that made him use crutches. He is unable to go to toilet and to move. Moreover, he developed allergy in his chest and has been taking medications since long. He is totally unable to work and in a dire need to undergo a surgery. Many doctors recommended that operation as there is a danger if he didn’t undergo it. His sons are married and didn’t cost themselves to check on him. He is staying as a guest at his sister’s as he has no place to live in. Although she is poor, she helps him. Church grants him 55 pounds a month yet they are not enough to cover the costs of life. He can’t stand up for long or move. All his vertebrates are not Okay. Standing up for a minute makes him feel dizzy.    He wishes he could be able to undergo the surgery to work and provide for his costs or even buy food.

The Need: Undergoing an operation to treat inguinal hernia.