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Medical Reports

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Lung Cancer

Episode 184

Mr. H.F.H. – July, 15, 2016


Mr. H.F.H. and the Cancer Blessing

Mr. H.F.H. is a young man of thirty-two. He is married, and has three children who are six, five and one year old consecutively. He is happy and thankful for his work, family and, even, severe illness. It came to pass that he started to complain from back pain. Unfortunately, it was diagnosed as a malignant tumor that was a bit close to the spine. However, it was successfully removed, along with two ribs. After undergoing radiotherapy, he recovered. Throughout this process, Atohobony helped him with the expenses. Yet, shortly afterwards, the man started to feel bad again. This time, it was sharper.

Medical examination proved that he had a malignant tumor with dimension 16.6×6.6. This time, it is very close to the spine, lungs, and heart. This requires that not only the tumor be removed, but also part of the lungs, and four more ribs. This means that he needs to have a bone net implanted therein. Moreover, he needs close medical scrutiny both pre and post-operatively. He has to stay at the ICU for quite a while, then remain hospitalized for not less than ten days. To make matters worse, the operation has to be performed by an oncologist and a neurologist, as it is pretty sensitive. Adding on, he needs to take about 20 injections of hormonal therapy after the operation has been performed, each of which costs 4000 EGP.

The operation is both dangerous and expensive. Unfortunately, the man’s brothers and in-laws are poor. They cannot help him. In order to recover and live, Mr. H.F.H. needs to be operated on to have the tumor removed, and to take the hormonal therapy afterwards.