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Suitable Flat

Episode 178

Mrs. G.S.A. – May, 27, 2016


Thankful G.S.A. Needs a Small Flat!

Miss G.S.A. is one of five sisters. She lived in Minya until her sisters got married, after which the mother became ill. In effect, they had to move to Cairo so that she might find a job to provide for her sick mother. The mother, being hypertensive, developed several blood clots, which required lots of medications. However, the good daughter never complained. She worked and took care of her mother for four years until the latter passed away.

Later, she married a laborer. They stayed at the same flat. When the landlord passed away, his heirs made a lot of trouble. First, they raised the rental fee from 100 to 150 EGP, which the family accepted to preserve their residence. Then, life became even harsher: as the husband had an accident which made him bedridden for about eighteen months. Once more, the thankful wife did not nag. She worked to take care of her husband who had lost his job and health. After his recovery, the heirs drove them away from the flat. So, the husband’s parents took the small family to live with them. Moreover, his father, a poor vegetable vendor, took his son to work with him, giving him a daily wage of 20 EGP.

Meanwhile, fifteen people live in one flat of two rooms and a bathroom. Miss G.S.A. lives with her husband, daughter, and in-laws who have nine sons in this small flat! As such, they have to sleep on the floor. Life is quite hard in such a crowded place. However, Miss G.S.A. is grateful to her in-laws. She loves and helps them, and never complains. Her only wish is to find a suitable flat where she can live with her husband and daughter.