Convoy of Medical Examination

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Medical Reports

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Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure & Fistula

Episode 172

Mr. A.G.S. – April, 8, 2016

Mr. A.G.A. graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1993. However, he could not find a job. Subsequently, he had to buy a tricycle on which he would sell biscuits, detergents and the like on a wholesale basis. The tricycle, however, was so heavy to pull and drag. In effect, it weakened the poor man’s legs which brought about something more serious and painful, namely, a rectal prolapse. This compelled him to have an abdominoperineal resection (AP resection). This had its complications, namely, fistula and hemorrhoids, which made him unable to eat or go to the bathroom normally, for he was in constant pain and bleeding. Thus, he was too weak to work.

Physicians told him he needed three operations: another AP resection as well as having four staples fixed to the anal canal. Each staple costs EGP 4000. The second is a fistulotomy. The third is hemorrhoid removal. He could not afford to pay for these operations. Nor did anybody help him as he has no relatives. Moreover, he has to provide for his family: a wife and eight children.




Follow-up report

Mr. A.G.S. – May, 16, 2016

In effect, he resorted to Atohobony which paid all the fees. Now, Mr. A.G.A. is much better.