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Medical Reports

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Need Residence

Episode 212

Mrs. T. KH.   – February, 17, 2017

Theresa lives with her husband and their 3 young girls. Their apartment is all made of wood, which means they have to live in the dark, because once the rain starts the roof leaks and the electricity shuts down. The floors are all dirt and the only room that has tiles, the tiles start coming out abruptly. During the winter the whole house is too cold because there is no isolation on the floor and the walls are all made of wood so they’re always prone to the cold. Also, because everything is made of wood, rodents often come through the walls. She often finds weasels coming through the cupboard or in the kitchen. One time she even found  a mouse on top of the stairs. The stairs are also made of wood so they’re always worried going up and down the stairs. The bathroom has the only available tap, so that’s where she cooks, washes the dishes, etc.

The Needs:

1- Tilling the floor

2- Insulating the roof

3- Plumbing the kitchen

4- Electrical installation

5- Building the stairs

6- Also, she would like a sewing machine so she would help her husband with the expenses


Gerges’ follow up

Gerges needed a house, the house was in a very horrible state. The house was faltering, it was brought down, the land was cleared from a previous out house sewage.  Now, the house is built and about 75% done. The only remaining steps are furbishing and furnishing.


Outhouse sewers’ follow up

There was an absence of a proper sewage system, so the families dug the dirt and placed barrels on the ground to become their sewage. Contaminations happened to the drinking water by the sewage which was detrimental to their health, making them vulnerable to Hepatitis C, kidney failure, etc. Now, the outhouse sewage system is built and the families can now lead much healthier lives.