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Medical Reports

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Medical Tests + Hip Replacement Surgery

Episode 200

Child B. R.  – November, 18, 2016

“Do you love me” Episode 200

Our case today is a little girl called Batoul. Her father retailed her story.

There were complications during the delivery that led to atrophy of a large part of her brain cells. She spent 20 days in the incubator. Her parents thought it was a common problem. But according to the tests’ results there was atrophy of her brain cells. It was a shock to her parents who took her to several doctors as didn’t save any effort to help her. She wasn’t able to move her limbs, yet thanks to the physiotherapy she became able to move her arm and leg a little bit. She has a dislocation in her left leg.

She is starting to react to situations by crying or looking at people who talk. She was examined by many neurologists and they said that she was suffering from a fetal position and needs many sessions of physiotherapy in order to be stable. She is having treatments for the active brain cells and the seizures. The physiotherapy would help her to move again. She is undergoing physiotherapy at public centers and they cannot afford for the costs of the private centers. The physiotherapy sessions led to dislocation of her arm.

Thus, she is in dire need for an operation to fix her dislocated arm. She cannot move her arm. Batoul is undergoing the surgery next week and will continue her physiotherapy afterwards. Atohobony’s team will support her till she is fully recovered.




Follow-up Report:

Batul Ramy went under the surgery and her broken thigh was healed. She was feeling a severe pain and needed a quick medical intervention. She still needs to do medical tests and to go under physiotherapy sessions.