Convoy of Medical Examination

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Medical Reports

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Lens Implantation

Episode 207

Mr. Michael Ghattas – January, 13, 2017

Michael Ghattas would like to see in order to be able to do his job in paintings and support himself. However, he can’t; due to the shortness of his eyesight. When he asked the doctor whether he can do Lasik or not, the doctor told him his eyesight was too short. What would help him though, is a Lens Implantation surgery. Even though he wears glasses, he cannot wear them to work and without them he isn’t able to perform his job.

The Need: Lens Implantation Surgery


Batool’s Follow up:

She had cerebral atrophy, and she lived in fetal position. The physical therapy caused dislocation of the thigh-bone. This was caused by Cerebral Palsy (a brain condition) due to lack of oxygen during or after birth this leads to shrinking of lower limbs’ muscles. The muscle shrinking around the thigh-bone (femur) is what caused the dislocation, this rendered physical therapy to be a non-viable option, and surgery became a must. During the surgery a procedure called Achilles tendon lengthening was performed, as well as, another procedure so that the hip socket (acetabulum) and top of the thigh bone (femoral head) can be repaired. She was put in a surgical cast for 3 months. Then, she will undergo physical therapy. The goal now is for her to be able to move wearing a device which supports the joint.