Convoy of Medical Examination

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”Friends of the Paralytic Service”

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Medical Reports

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Heart Surgery

Episode 210

Mrs. Th. F.    –  February, 3, 2017

Madame Thoria has been having heart problems for around 15 years. At first she was diagnosed with mitral valve stenosis (narrowing of the mitral valve) which needed a surgery to be repaired. However, since she also had Tricuspid regurgitation -which renders 2 heart valves unable to pump the blood- She had to take medications for 2 years before she was able to do the surgery at the Heart Institution; which she was able to due under her health insurance. After the surgery she was prescribed medications (tablets and injections). 5 years ago the pain returned and since the mitral valve had stiffened doing reparation surgery would cause severe bleeding. She would have an episode where she would have pain in her chest, arms and she would feel fatigued and dizzy. She would avoid showing pain by taking pain killers so as not to worry her family. She was sent to the Intensive Care Unit about 3 times where she would stay for 3 days at a time, at which point the doctors indicated that she needs to have an immediate surgery. Her family is very worried about her and they’re all trying to support her as much as possible. She has 3 children and her in-laws live with her. She’s in a very late stage.

Now, she has a cardiac enlargement and pulmonary venous pressure elevation which affects the liver and now her liver is also enlarged, this could lead to Liver Fibrosis. She also has atrial flutter which makes her very prone to blood clots. She is in a very late stage and needs rapid help.

The Needs:

1- Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery

2- Tricuspid Valve Repair Surgery

3- A supply of blood thinners for the rest of her life

Michael Ghattas’ Follow up

Michael had severe shortness in eyesight and cataract in both eyes. Lens implantation surgery in both eyes was performed.  His eyesight has completely recovered and he truly feels thankful towards all those who donated and towards the program, he is now able to fully perform his job. He says that he is now able to see life with new eyes like a blind-man who is now able to see.