Convoy of Medical Examination

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”Friends of the Paralytic Service”

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Medical Reports

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Heart Surgery

Episode 211

Mrs. M. Kh.  – February, 10. 2017

Martha is a grateful young woman. She has one child; her mother-in-law and her husband’s sister also live with her. She only wants to serve her family and support them well. However, her body can’t take any more. She’s had rheumatic fever since she was a child. Her parents were uneducated, her case was ignored and she was found-out to have this illness when she was pregnant with her son. She couldn’t have the surgery then due to her pregnancy. And now due to the severity of her case she needs to have the surgery immediately.

The Need: Urgent heart surgery


Madam Thoria’s follow up

Madame Thoria has been having heart problems for around 15 years. At first she was diagnosed with mitral valve stenosis (narrowing of the mitral valve) which needed a surgery to be repaired. 5 years ago the pain returned and since the mitral valve had stiffened doing reparation surgery would cause severe bleeding. She needed rapid help and she was helped within one week. She has done the surgery, and now she has left intensive care.


Ibrahim Mina’s follow up

Ibrahim needed eye surgery in order to lead his life, study for school and support his family. He needed a Lens implantation surgery. Sometimes he would study hard but would be able to focus during his exams due to his condition. His case was a severe keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea) in his right eye, plus, clouding of the cornea. He wasn’t able to see beyond the palms of his hands. The surgery was performed and he is now able to see properly. He feels like he found what was lost for years. He’s very happy and grateful for this amazing blessing from God, and for all of those who helped him.