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Flat Refurbished + Job Oportunity

Episode 193

Mr. G. K.  – September, 16, 2016


God loves the cheerful giver “2 Co 9:7”

Our today’s story is about a young man who was born blind. His parents discovered his blindness since he was one-year old. His family took him to the city’s doctor who transferred him to the capital, Cairo, where he went to many doctors who vary in their diagnoses. When he was 4, most of the doctors said that he had a problem with his optic nerve which is a congenital abnormality and the only solution was implanting a new optic nerve. At that time this surgery was not available. When he was 8 the doctors told him that he can go under that surgery abroad. It costs more that 300 000 LE. The young man is unable to afford for this operation. He even got a financial aid that helped him to go to doctors and get medications. He suffered in his education and he had to move to Cairo and was unable to meet his family. He was so sad for being away from his family. Then, his family moved to Cairo and got an aid from the church to build a house. It was built by bricks only till the charitable people help to complete it and they built the third floors. However, he can’t afford to build his own flat. The church helped him and offered him a wooden house. He doesn’t have a regular income as he works as a seller of SIM cards. He only gets 45 piaster as profit of each SIM card he sells. He got married and his wife is pregnant. He can’t pay his rent and he has to pay for 3-month of installments. The land lord is threatening him to pay the rent or he will expel him from the flat. No one helps him financially. Some people interfered to convince the renter to wait for the money. He only wishes he can build his house and to live a stable life as the renter is very aggressive and deals with him and his wife in an inappropriate manner. He also shouts at him in front of other residents. He also wishes he has a stable house for his coming baby girl. The flat is available, but he wants to set it in concrete. He is also burdened by the costs of the coming baby and having his own flat will help him to save the rent for that purpose. He tried to find a job at many companies but he couldn’t due to his visual impair. His family can’t support him.

The need: 1) Set the apartment in concrete

2) Find a permanent job