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Medical Reports

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Finishing Home with Essentials

Episode 188

Mr. A. S. M. – August, 12, 2016

“Do you love me? “:  a question asked by Jesus to Peter. It is the same question we need to ask ourselves too. If you love Jesus, keep His commandments and one of them is to help his brothers and sisters. St. Paul says “Distributing to the needs of saints”. He called the needy persons “SAINTS”. If you help the destitute and the needs you will be practically applying Jesus commandments as a cup of cold water will never lose its reward.

Any young man wishes to live an independent life with his wife and sons. But sometimes poverty doesn’t allow him to do that. The hero in our story is a resistant young man who lives with his poor family and works day and night to be able to provide for them. He is a laborer in a cafeteria for only 1500 a month. He lives with his wife and two sons in a room in   his parents’ flat. He got married in the room and the matter was going quite well. But when he got his first son, the problems rose and with the coming of his second son, life becomes unbearable. He can’t bring up his children in a normal atmosphere without having an independent flat. He wants to talk to his children and read with them. Lack of money prevents him from achieving his dream. So he thought of building a flat in the same building where his family lives. This was the only solution he has. He borrowed sum of money from his friends, took a loan from his work and worked day and night to make his flat ready. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish its building. The salary is spent to last penny on the needs of the wife and the kids and all he wishes is to finish building the apartment by only covering the walls by cement and tiling the flat by ceramic. No one can help him as his father is a poor man and his brothers can’t help him. They are 4 persons in one room and the children sleeps with their parents in the same room.

The need:

Finish the apartment and covering the walls with cement and tiling the flat by ceramic and providing the needed furniture.