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Medical Reports

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Cardiac Hole

Episode 186

Mrs. D. S. L. Z.  –  July, 29, 2016


“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another” JOHN 13:35

Jesus taught us to love each other. Love should be practical. Acts of love may change the world.

Endogamy causes many problems especially those related to genetics. A woman who is married to her cousin 14 years ago and has a son and daughter, decided to have the third baby. She got a girl but unfortunately she got ill and had lung problems. The doctor asked for a genetic test. She went to another doctor and has asked for an X-ray. The doctor said she had a hole in the heart and that the girl required a surgery that costs 36000 pounds. The mother is so poor and her husband is not working daily. He works as a builder. No one of their family can help them. They are all impoverished.   The girl needs an urgent surgery to block that hole and get rid of its side effects that will affect the heart severely. If the operation is postponed, the side effects of the hole will increase and the heart muscle will grow weak and there will be no recovery. So, she must undergo the surgery as soon as possible. The doctor told them that she must not wait more than 3 weeks and that the surgery is necessary and can’t be ignored. The girl is only 10 months old and the operation should be done immediately. If they wait, she will need two surgeries not only one. The baby girl suffers too much, she is feverish and constantly in pain. It is not enough to sympathize with her. She is in great need for donations.

The need:

Undergoing a surgery that costs 36000 pounds to treat a hole at  the heart




Follow-up report 1

Mrs. D. S. L. Z. – September, 9, 2016