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Equipping the Shop

Episode 164

Mrs. S.A. – February, 12, 2016


“And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness

Today’s case is about married woman with a one- year girl who is in bad need for a lot of costs for food and medications. Her father is a three wheeler driver yet he doesn’t own the vehicle. He hires it every night from its owner. His daily wage is 30 -40 pounds. The rest of money goes to the owner. If there is any breakdown of the vehicle, he is responsible to fix it bearing all the costs. Sometimes the father comes home penniless due to this. The family lives in a rented house for 350 pounds a month. They can hardly pay the rent. Sometimes the church’s pastor helps them to pay the rent. The woman lives with her mother in law. She suffers from hepatitis C and cardiac disease. She gets a limited monthly pension; she helps them buy food sometimes. However, the costs of her medication are so huge. She even doesn’t buy all the medications. The family leads a hard life and in dire need for help. They get a meager allowance from the church. The young woman will start a new business, a small shop, and she needs financial help to buy goods to be able to run it and turn it into a profiting business.

The Need: Providing a small shop with goods and a fridge.