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Medical Tests + Monthly Aid

Episode 161

Mrs. H.F.G. – January, 22, 2016


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

― Charles Dickens

A family consists of a father, mother and 5 children. The father is a irregular worker. He changes his work the whole time. His salary ranges between 350 to 500.He once fell down of the fifth stage while working. As a result, he received physiotherapy. He cannot work now, so the wife tried to work to provide for her family’s daily bread. Sometimes she gets so tired that she is unable to go to work. As a result she is unable to provide for her 5 children who need a lot of money to cover their school costs. They sometimes remain hungry without any food. Moreover, two children are suffering from rheumatism and they need regular medications in addition to blood tests that may cost more than 400 pounds. Many times the wife borrows money from her acquaintances and the husband is not working regularly and he may stay at home for weeks without work. He is also suffering from a kind of allergy due to work exhaustion. He is only able to provide for their daily bread. Nevertheless, there is a critical problem they are suffering; their bathroom is dilapidated and puts their neighbors in jeopardy. They asked them to mend the bathroom, thus they are in dire need to urgently fix the bathroom. The wife’s health is unstable and she constantly in need for medications. Sometimes they don’t have a penny that the wife may resort to beggary. There is no one to help them. She needs a doctor to monthly following up as she suffers from acute roughness of the knees and varicose veins. She is also in dire need for monthly allowance.

The needs:

  1. Medical checkup and offering the suitable medications
  2. Fixing the Bathroom
  3. Monthly Allowance