Convoy of Medical Examination

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Medical Reports

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Removal of Cancerous Tumor

Episode 157

Mr. H.F.H. – December, 25, 2015


“So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.”

He suffered from a benign tumor in his back since year and half. He underwent the surgery and got rid of the tumor. However, it retreated back. The doctors told him that the tumor turned into a malignant one and it has to be removed. They also discovered that has a lung tumor and it should be removed as soon as possible because it may turn into a malignant one soon. The surgery costs 22 000 pounds and it should be performed under the observation of a cardiologist as it is like an open hear operation. A neurologist should be there to observe removing the tumor in his back let it affects his spine. He also needs chemotherapy and radiation after going into the surgery. He is a poor dustman in a company that offered him 5000 pounds to do the surgery. The doctors told him that the costs of the operation may be cut down to 15000 pounds.

He has a family consists of a wife and 3 children he hardly provides for them. He also does many examinations monthly at the National heart Institute.  He can’t have two jobs and he even can’t work regularly. He is broke now due the previous operation and the costs of the examinations he has done. He also went through 15 sessions of radiation that cost 8500 pounds and some offered him their help to do the sessions.

He tried to resort to the public medical system, but they put his case on hold for 6 months and he has to wait. The chances that the operation meets success are even. It will last for 7 hours. The church is poor and its congregation is destitute. He is a young man and in dire need for financial support as soon as possible. 

The Need: Urgent surgery to remove a malignant tumor



Follow-up report

Mr. H.F.H. – January, 29, 2016

Follow-up Report

The case was in need for 10000 L.E to undergo a surgery. Four doctors have performed a surgery of removing a back tumor. They said that the operation would take 7 hours .However, it took 4 hours and they said that it is a miracle that they did not find any tumor. All what is found is a normal fatty cyst. All the tests had showed that it was a malignant tumor but thanks to God who did unbelievable miracle the tumor disappeared.