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Medical Reports

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shoulder-replacement + Hip Surgery

Episode 149

Mrs. M.A.G. – October, 23, 2016


Do you love me 149

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing”.

Our lady has 2 sons and daughter. Her husband is a daily laborer. She worked at the church as a toilet cleaner. Her son told her to change her job, thus she took 300 L.E as a loan from the church to buy clothes and sell it at the church. She had an accident that caused her severe injuries and she was in a comma for 5 days and suffered from a skull fracture, an ear bleeding, cut at the seventh nerve, compound fracture of the shoulder joint. Her arm was splinted and sewed. She underwent physiotherapy sessions. However, it did not work and the doctors asked her to undergo a surgery that costs 9000 pounds .She receives neurological medication too. There is a total permanent disability in the ear. She is n dire need for the surgery in order to fix her arm and lead a normal life and fulfill her role as a mother. The neurological injury affected her hearing and balance and she underwent a neuro surgery. As for the shoulder and pelvic fracture, there was no quick treatment and thus the case is worsened and led to a compound fracture. She needs to undergo a many surgeries in order to be able to use her arm again. She is depressed and in severe pain.

The Needs:

1-Undergo a surgery of left-shoulder joint replacement

2- Physiotherapy sessions following the surgery

3- Undergo a surgery of pelvic-joint stabilization

4-Monthly allowance for expenses of living, costs of medications and treatment